HA070B 1-1/2" x 12" D-ring Handi-tie.  No rust D-ring, all purpose tie for power cords and solution hoses.

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HA090B Hose Hook. Fits 1-1/2" to 3"+ o.d. Hoses. Hook: 1/4" dia. coated steel. Wider opening fits large hand rails, etc.

HC2 Tandem Hose stabilizer - adjustable 2"wide strap - Keeps hoses from separating

HA130 2-1/2" Utility/Wand hook for chemical shelves in your van or truck - clips on - Vinyl coated.

-- Use 2 to hang cleaning wand.

HA120 Large 4" Utility Hook for van/truck shelving. Great for hanging Vacuum hoses plated to resist rust.

​​HA220 Large 4" Vinyl coatedUtility hook for chemical shelves in your van or truck - clips on. 

AC1000 Towel & Spray Bottle Holder

Clips to your belt, or belt loop.

A sling for your spray bottle and a loop that snags your towel so it won't tear, or easily slip out.

Will work with just about any soft towel. No need for a grommet or hole in the towel. Clip fits most belts and all belt loops.

The Hugger  () is made of durable polypropylene and a wide hook and loop closure. It is available in many sizes to fit the job at hand:

HH95  3 x 15" Heavy duty Hugger. Ideal for electric cords, ropes, air hoses, solution hoses.

HH101  3 x 27"  Great for larger diameter hoses such as 25 ft. of 1-1/2" vac hoses .

HH200  3 x 34" For longer lengths, or larger diameter hoses

The above are also available

in clam shell retail packaging